2-4(5) Sept 2015
in Stockholm
Links to Royal National City Park
The Ecopark Association
County Administrative Board of Stockholm
Links to other large parks Town Country
Amsterdamse Bos Amsterdam Nederland
Bois de Boulogne
Paris France
Botanical Garden and Nature Park Chandigarh India
Buffalo Olmsteds Parks
New York USA
Bygdöy Oslo Norway
Central Park New York USA
Chicago Wilderness park
Chicago USA
Duisburg Nord
Kolomenskoye Moscow Russia
Hanover Germany
Lahinja-Kolpe Slovenia
Lee Valley regional Park London UK
Mount Vernon Baltimore Maryland USA
Munich English Garden Munich Germany
Painshill Park London UK
Richmond Park London UK
Rogalin Landscape Park Poznan Poland
Royal Botanical Garden Madrid Spain
Table Mountain Cape Town South Africa
Tavastehus National City Park Tavastehus Finland
Vancouver Island Vancouver Canada
Wilanoow Royal Residence Warsaw Poland
Sanjay Gandhi National Park
Mumbai India
Emscher Landscape Park
Essen Germany
North Bull Island UNESCO Biosphere
Dublin Irland
The green backbone of Leipzig
Leizig Germany
The parc de la Tête d'Or
Lyon France
Kampinoski National Park, Poland
Warsaw Poland